Geographical mobility in and out of Fairfax County – II

In my previous post I look at the inflow and outflow rates for Fairfax County VA. As a percentage of the existing population, the inflow rate was 7.65% and the outflow rate was 7.06%.

I did the analysis in excel and I looked at the number of people moving in/out from a state as a percentage of the total in/outflow. Even as i clicked on “Publish” I was tempted to do two things

  1. See what the visualizations looked like on a map
  2. Calculate in/out flow rates from a region to fairfax county as a percentage of total population of the county.

(1) turned out to be a fun exercise in learning how to create maps in R using ggplot2.

So here is what I got- this covers migration only from and to the states in the US.


I thought these maps were pretty cool as they showed that there were people coming from all over and going to all states (if not you’d have white gaps in the map!) Also there were some darker patches showing increased movement from/to those states.

Mouse over data over each state will be a neat little add – but this is material for another day and post.